Problem - Google Sheets Embed Not Responsive

See this thread on the community forum.

This YouTube tutorial does a nice job showing how to make an iframe responsive. The markup and CSS work by making the video responsive as you resize the browser window.

Using the identical code with the embed code for a Google Sheet results in a responsive iframe window but the content from the sheet does not scale with the iframe.

Does anyone have any ideas?

YouTube Tutorial - How to Code Responsive Iframes

Google Sheets - Doesn't Work - Why?

Scale your browser window and notice how the YouTube video above scales responsively while the Google Sheet below does not.

Is There a Fix?

Please edit this section to see if you can fix the issue.

I spotted your css and it was the first thing I tried as well after having found it posted. I'm not sure why it doesn't work with charts used with Google sheets. So I've abandoned the Google chart and going with a site that provides charting services since their embed code works with responsive sites. For anyone else stumbling on this and looking for an alternative to Google Sheets charts, the following seems to work well and has more interactive options (clicking the legend will toggle the selection on/off) and it is free up to 10 charts if you don't mind showing their logo with the chart. (hope that isn't too spammy)

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