Data Form Date Field Formatting Demo

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Each date field lists the options used to render the datepicker. View the source of the template page to see how the data form for this example was built.


Date 1: (default) 09 Mar 2024 00:00
Date 2: DD, d MM yy 02 Mar 2024 00:00
Date 3: DD, d MM yy CE
Date 4: d-m-y
Date 5: mm/dd/yy
Date 6: DD, d MM yy
Date 7: d MM yy
Date 8: (see altField Results below)
Date 9: (system default)

altField Results

Date-8 form_data:
alt-date form_data:
Date-10 form_data:
alt-date-hidden form_data:

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Datepicker Date Format Options Wikidot Date Format Options
The format can be combinations of the following: Use to display Data Form Datepicker date fields:
[[date %%form_data{datefield}%% format="%b %d, %Y"]]
d day of month (no leading zero) %a abbreviated weekday name (3 letters)
dd day of month (two digit) %A full weekday name
o day of the year (no leading zeros) %b abbreviated month name (3 letters)
oo day of the year (three digit) %B full month name
D day name short %c local date representation
DD day name long %d day of the month (01…31)
m month of year (no leading zero) %D is equivalent to "%m/%d/%y"
mm month of year (two digit) %e day of the month (1…9, 10…31)
M month name short %H hours (00…23)
MM month name long %I hours (00…12)
y year (two digit) %m month (01…12)
yy year (four digit) %M minutes (00…59)
@ Unix timestamp (ms since 01/01/1970) %O nn seconds/minutes/hours/days
! Windows ticks (100ns since 01/01/0001) %p AM/PM
'…' literal text %r is equivalent to "%I:%M:%S %p"
'' single quote %R is equivalent to "%H:%M"
    anything else literal text
    %S seconds (00…59)
    %T is equivalent to "%H:%M:%S"
    %y year (00…99)
    %Y year (1970…2999)
time zone

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